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The automatic garage door opener was invented in 1926 by CG Johnson in Indiana, but it did not become popular until the late 1940s when a convenient keypad switch was invented to sit atop a post at the foot of your driveway. The remote-controlled garage door opening system was invented simultaneously by two different inventors in two different states, at the same time! Neither inventor knew about the other.

Duvall Garage Door OpenerTwo brothers from Washington state and a man in Illinois both came up with the same idea for an easier way to open and close the garage door.

The technology behind radio-controlled garage door openers was developed in World War II as a way to detonate bombs remotely.

Duvall Garage Door Openers Is The BOMB

Duvall Garage Door Openers will save you time and money. Firstly we can save you time because you needn’t shop around for a great garage door company to work on your garage door opener. We can tell you that most garage door repair companies charge about the same, but we do a better job.

You don’t have to bother asking us if we do remotes, or older systems, or conversions, or if we fix brackets or struts or opener gears. The answer is always yes.

Duvall Garage Door Openers will save you heaps of time when it comes to the actual repair, too. Our skilled technicians arrive at your house promptly (usually within an hour) and fully-stocked. They have everything you might need to repair your opener, springs, pulleys or whatever. He’ll even have a few spare brand new openers in his truck. You’ll never have to wait for parts when you call Duvall Garage Door Openers.

We Service All Brands Of Garage Door Openers

Do we install and service all three types of garage door openers – belt-drive, screw-drive and chain-drive? The answer is always yes.

Duvall Same Day Garage Door Opener RepairYes we’re open all day and all night….yes, we come to you on weekends and holidays at no extra charge…and yes, we guarantee all our work to be great. All we ask is that you keep the phone number of Duvall Garage Door Openers handy – real handy. You’d be wise to keep our number in your list of cellphone contacts, in case your garage door opener breaks down and locks you out of your house.

Don’t Take A Chance With Your Hard-Earned Money

Don’t risk your hard-earned money on some fly-by-night garage door company when Duvall Garage Door Openers is right around the corner. If Duvall Garage Door Openers can’t do it – no one can.

We’ve been installing and servicing garage door openers in the area longer than anyone remembers. We were the first garage door company in the state to offer high-security rolling codes for remotes, and the first to stay open around the clock. So even if another garage door repair company opened shop on the same day we did in 1996, we’d still have been in business three times longer than the competition because we work three shifts a day. Yes, Duvall Garage Door Openers is three times as good as the other guys. Call us today to find out why we’re rated so high on all the search engines and review sites.

Duvall Garage Door Openers

Duvall Garage Door Openers Satisfaction Guarantee

You can go with a subpar garage door opener company that won't stand by their work. Or, you can go with Duvall Garage Door Openers, who backs everything with a satisfaction guarantee. Your choice.

Duvall Garage Door Openers

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