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What do you think is the hardest-working part of your garage door system? It’s not the opener, because the motor and opener just control the operation. It’s not the pulley or cables, either, because they sit idle most of the time.The workhorse of your garage door system is the spring. The springs do all the heavy lifting. Gravity lowers your door, stretching out the tension springs, where they remain outstretched the whole time your garage is down.

Duvall Same Day Garage Door Spring RepairThe result is that the garage door spring is the unsung hero of the modern world. You have to give the simple garage door spring plenty of credit, and plenty of respect. Never try to replace or repair a garage door spring or cable by yourself because it’s a recipe for disaster. Tens of thousands of Americans are rushed to the emergency ward each year with injuries caused by attempts at amateur garage door repair.Please don’t be a statistic. We care about all our friends and neighbors in Duvall.

It’s So Easy When You Call Duvall Garage Door Springs

Garage door spring replacement is a snap when you call Duvall Garage Door Springs. Our seasoned technicians carry every make and model of spring with them right in the truck, so they can take care of any spring malfunction immediately.

Yes, it’s advisable to replace BOTH springs after one breaks, but Duvall Garage Door Springs will never try to “scare” you into buying services or parts you don’t want. It really depends on your lifestyle, if your garage door was serviced recently, and you don’t use it very often, replacing one spring is an option.

Duvall Garage Door Springs also carries premium springs with longer lives and extended warranties, for even greater peace of mind. And in the case of garage door springs that are unavailable because they’re no longer manufactured, Duvall Garage Door Springs can install a converter which allows an older system to accept standard garage door springs.

Why Is Spring Replacement Best Left To The Pros?

Of all the things on your to-do list, garage door repair is the most dangerous. Remember how the tension and torsion springs store all the energy necessary to lift your 200-pound garage door? Well, that tension is approximately 6,000 pounds per square inch, enough to cut the biggest man down to size. Seriously a flying garage door spring can take out an entire village! With so many ways available to injure yourself – sports, transportation, and slip ‘n fall – why fool with garage door repair?

Instead, allow Duvall Garage Door Springs to spring into action at the first hint of trouble.

Did you know that, if your garage door spring breaks and you try to raise your door manually, you will damage the cables as well?

You never know when a garage door spring will break, but now you know who to call, the garage door spring specialists who have been doing it the longest. We’re no Spring Chickens, but we’re definitely spring experts. Call Duvall Garage Door Springs anytime for a same-day appointment, usually within the hour.

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You can go with a subpar garage door spring company that won't stand by their work. Or, you can go with Duvall Garage Door Springs, who backs everything with a satisfaction guarantee. Your choice.

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